That’s like the complete works of Shakespeare... Three times over.

We are TWO voiceovers that specialise in e-learning...

Not that we really planned to.  But you know how it is – sometimes a niche just finds you.  And we embrace it. 

From our studio in Worcestershire, we’ve given voice to hundreds of e-learning projects for clients worldwide.  Not that it’s all been Shakespeare – far from it! But whatever the content, we always do our best to get inside your words and give them a warm human touch…

two voices, one great studio

We are Emma Thurston and Colin Day. Think of us as your in-house voiceover team. 

You can choose to book one of us – or both. Many clients like to team us up for a bit of contrast. Others will choose solely Emma or Colin. Whoever you select is just fine with us – it’s your project, your choice.  

Technical, medical, health and safety – even GSCE courses – there can’t be many genres we haven’t tackled. Between us we’ve more than 50 years of full time voiceover experience and we take great pride in giving awesome service. 

Check out our demo’s or ask for a custom sample from your text. There’s no charge…

How We Work

Tell us about your e-learning v/o project and we’ll give you an all inclusive quote. There are no extras for usage, studio time or editing.  



Prefer a male or female voice – or both? Tell us about the target audience, pacing and tone of voice.  Any special emphases or timings? Tricky pronunciations or acronyms?  


in the studio

We’ll often produce a sample or two to make sure we’re all on the same page.  Then we simply record your words, edit and render them into files and deliver via FTP. Simple.


your input

Sometimes our clients like to attend the recording session via Zoom, Skype Google Teams, or whatever.  It’s entirely your choice.

learn more...

From Barclays Bank to the British Museum, Mars to Mercedes; we’ve worked with some of the biggest names in commerce and industry.  But whether you’re an international brand or a one-man-band, all our clients get the same professional care and attention to detail. 

We make process simple.  In a nutshell: you mail the words – we record them here. You get clean, broadcast quality sound files, edited, named and ready to load.  And we’re quick. More info?  See our FAQ’s below.

And we are nuts about quality...

We aim for well recorded voiceovers that are easy on the ear: broadcast quality. So our studio is packed with gorgeous recording toys from names like Neumann and Neve. Click on the pics to get a closer view of our playroom. And for a full audio geek-out please hit the button below…

Some of your faq’s

We are full-time professional voiceovers.  It’s what we do, so you won’t struggle to reach us.*

How quickly depends on the size of your project and our workload at the time.  Smaller scripts (up to around 2000 words) will usually hit your desk in 1 to 2 days.  Corrections and additions are always a big priority here – so they can be as quick as same day.

If you have urgent needs, just get in touch.  We’ve performed all kinds of miracles for clients, but it helps to have a bit of advance notice.

*We take two weeks holiday in July and our shutdown at Christmas New Year is usually 2 to 3 weeks.

Our pricing couldn’t be more simple.  Our charges are based on your word count and include all studio time, editing rendering to multiple files and usage.  Currently £105 per hundred words with a minimum fee of £175.  Just add vat.

Naturally.  Just send some text.  We’re always delighted to show the quality of our work and you’ll certainly want to be sure we’re a good fit for your project.  Just send some text and expect a demo back quickly.  There’s never a charge.

Everything is carefully checked before it leaves here, but if we’ve made an error – no matter how small – you’ll find that fixes are fast and free.  Sometimes a misplaced emphasis can change the meaning of sentence.  Don’t compromise. Just let us know and we’ll fix it as quickly as we can.

Once a project goes off for checking, it’s common to have additional text requirements.  In those cases our fee per words is the same but with a minimum of just £20 + vat.  Even if the original project was done some years ago, we’ll have original work on file and we always do our best to match things nicely.

Bottom line: we’re friendly and flexible.


We love doing dialogue and being real-life husband and wife, you get a natural chemistry and realism.  Of course we’re not always appropriate for every character in your copy.  If we can’t help, we’ll arrange for someone who can.

Although we often do our own research, we depend on you for guidance regarding industry specifics.   A little note on the script is all it takes. 

Take the International Standards Organisation as an example.  Some sectors will see that ISO acronym as “eye-ess-oh”; others as “eye-so”. And 48001:  is that “forty eight thousand and one?” or “four eight double oh one”, maybe even “forty eight hundred and one”.  

Let us know your preferences and trust that we’ll check in on anything tricky before we record.

Some clients just send us a quick audio memo with the correct pronunciations of unusual terms and that also works very well.

It’s not even the slightest problem.  Some clients choose Emma.  Others go for Colin.  Some team us up for light and shade.  It’s entirely your choice and we are never offended. What’s more, the fee is just the same; one voice or two – you won’t pay a penny extra. Just let us know how you’d like the work split – if at all.  

We normally supply mono wav files at 48kHz 16 bit. If you’re using a program like Articulate, it will convert them to mp3 anyway, but it’s best to start with the highest quality.  If you have different requirements for your file delivery format, please let us know – we haven’t been stumped yet.  

We aim for a loudness level that is broadly similar to YouTube or Spotify.  Somewhere around 15 LUFS, give or take.

Actually, yes we do. And French, German, Italian, Dutch, Finnish, Swedish, Danish and more. Over the years we’ve built up lots of contacts with quite a number non-English language voiceovers. So if your script needs re-versioning there are a number of ways we can help.

We normally send you an invoice at the end of each month and we like to get paid within 30 days.   You’ll have your accounts procedures for invoice submissions, official orders, new vendors etc.  We’re a small business but often work with multinationals, so we’re quite used to jumping through any hoops that your accounts team might present.

We are not what you would call activists but we both follow a vegan diet.  For that reason, we avoid working with companies who are predominantly in the meat or dairy sector. An example: we work with Mars but not MacDonalds. KFC would be a no, but Costa fine. 

As of April 2022, we no longer engage with clients based in Russia or Belarus.

Actually, that’s a cautiously conservative number.  We only started counting in 2017.  It’s fair to say we’re pretty experienced.

contact us

Thurston Day Ltd.  Rutland House, The Crescent, Bromsgrove, Worcestershire.

TEL +44 (0)1527 889317   studio@thurstonday.co.uk