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Geek's Gallery...

We can't afford to use cheap equipment: it won't get the job done. So our playroom is packed with gorgeous recording toys from names like Neumann, Brauner, Lavry, Tube-Tech, D.W. Fearn, Great River, Vovox and more.

Control room

Then there's the microphone. We have a good selection, but our current favourite is a German made Brauner Valvet X. It's a tube (valve) mic.

Inside the electronics glow like your Granny's old radio.

Based around a vintage design from the 1950's but brought up to date with incredibly low noise and high sensitivity.


Fearn VT1




Studio equipment

But it all starts with a good room. Now that's a subject - don't get us started.


Brauner Valvet X


Then you need a good pre-amp. We use a Fearn VT1. Another tube based design. Hand built by audiophile hippies in the Pennsylvania, it has an incredibly warm tone and headroom that goes on forever. We can't say enough good things about Doug Fearn's gear.


Other goodies include a Tube-Tech CL1B compressor, Lavry Engineering convertors, Swiss made Vovox cables and more.

Our goal is always to capture the spoken word in pristine quality with an intimate tone that's easy on the ear.

If you have any technical questions we'd love to answer them. Just know you're in very geeky hands.