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What we do

Think of us as your in-house voiceover team. Except we're not in-house, we're remote. There are two of us and a sound studio. One guy, one girl: both full-time voices. And we're here whenever you need a voiceover.

It's a really simple service. You mail the words, we record them here to broadcast quality and deliver them quickly via FTP. Fixes are fast and free.

And remember: you can book Emma or Colin or both. It's your e-learning project, your choice.

Free demos

Got a job in mind? Just send us a paragraph or two and you'll get a custom audition in no time flat. There's no charge.

How we do it...

Tell us about your e-learning programme and we'll give you an all inclusive quote. There are no extras for studio time or editing.

Once your final script is ready, we can chat about target audience, pace and tone of voice, as well as any special timings, emphases or tricky pronunciations. Perhaps we'll send a sample to be sure we're on your wavelength.

Then we simply we record your words here and deliver via FTP. Simple.

Want to direct us? Great! We welcome your input. You can attend the whole session via Skype, ISDN, or even by phone. Some clients sit in for just a page or two to get us in the right zone, others leave it all to us. Whatever works for you.

Emma and Colin on microphone

What do I get?

Super clean, broadcast quality files that are ready to load and in any audio format you need. Your voice files are delivered fully edited with no goofs, glitches, re-takes, or words your Granny wouldn't like. Everything is carefully checked before it leaves here, but in the event of a mistake, you can expect fixes fast and free.

We can give each file a unique name according to your protocol. And we have an obsession with sound quality. Check out our studio here.

When it comes to e-learning, voiceover is often the last piece of the puzzle, so we meet tight deadlines every day. Of course it depends on the size of the project, but we usually deliver small to medium size e-learning jobs within a day or two.