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Colin background...

Born in Worcester, Colin did his first voiceover in 1982. After a couple of years doing live radio for Wyvern, Sunshine and the BBC, he joined Central Television as a continuity announcer. He became a full time voiceover in 1986 and built his first studio at home two years later. He has given voice to many thousands of commercials, promos, narrations and e-learning programmes.

Colin says...

"Sometimes I say it beats working. My Dad was a chippy – a carpenter – worked on the building all his life. Frozen in Winter, boiling in Summer. Health and safety? Don't make me laugh. So am I grateful to do a job I love? Of course!"

About the craft...

It's a simple task. Not always easy though. In essence you take someone else's words and try to speak them like you wrote them. The hard part is finding your style. That can take some time – about two decades in my case - and I'm still learning.

I really enjoy the e-learning work. It's a very pure form of the craft. Just you and the listener, sometimes for hours on end. Quite an intimate relationship when you think about it.

My passions include 60's soul music, country walks and West Bromwich Albion.

On working with Emma...

"I'm her biggest fan and completely in awe of her talent and I don't mind who knows it. But... er... don't tell her will you?"


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Favourite word: Louche
Least favourite word: Puce
Favourite smell: Vintage car interiors
Biggest turn off: Loud people
Favourite sound: A really serious rainstorm
Least favourite sound: Bloody strimmers!
Most bizarre v/o booking: I was the voice of Mickey the Prize Monkey – don't ask!