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Emma Background...

Surrey born Emma trained at Elmhurst Stage School. She appeared in countless stage shows and productions and became a full time voiceover in 2006. Since then she has given voice to thousands of radio and tv commercials, corporate presentations and narrations. Emma lives in Worcestershire and is married to voiceover Colin Day.

Emma says...

"I enjoy doing all kinds of voiceover and I've been lucky enough to voice for many household names but E-learning is my favourite genre. I like a nice long script to get my teeth into. It's sometimes a challenge – especially the highly technical stuff - but it's amazing how much knowledge you pick up along the way and I get real a buzz out of helping people learn."

"Rudeness turns me off. So does cold custard. I like my sunlight dappled and moonlight full beam."

"Oh, if you're buying the drinks, it's Southern Comfort, straight up, no ice. Please. Thank you."

On working with Colin...

"He's a picky perfectionist with ears like a cat and though he likes to think he's in charge, a quick slap soon puts him in his place. Seriously, he's a great support and my best working buddy. Makes a nice cuppa too - though not as often as he should."




Favourite word: Unencumbered
Least favourite word: Chillax
Biggest turn on: Brut aftershave
Biggest turn off: Arrogance, cockiness, aggression
Favourite sound: An AMG V12 engine
Least favourite sound: Microphone feedback
Most unusual v/o booking: Voice of Dubai Metro