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Auditing Your Company Learning Material to Increase Sales

When working within a business that has been operating for numerous decades, it can be hard to convince the powers that be within the business to change the way they work in any way, even if you truly deem it to be for the better.

This is often the case when it comes to learning how the business operates, especially with regard to using new technologies and ideas so to improve the way in which new employees are taught within the company, and therefore the way in which these new ideas can be rolled out across the company with the aim to increase sales across the business, and generally run a much tighter ship.

The E-Learning Revolution

Auditing the way in which the employees in a company currently learn can be a tough sell, but luckily most people agree that moving in the direction of using more and more technology in the day to day life of a business can only be a good thing as it adds a greater layer of efficiency throughout everything that takes place. One area in which new technology is particularly revolutionary is in retail audits. These audits have been vastly improved in retail stores across the world thanks to these new technologies that not only make it far easier (and far quicker) for these audits to take place, meaning you won’t have to give up your retail store to the auditors for too long, they also bring back an incredible amount of data compared to what the old, less technology focused methods returned, data that can be used to help increase sales throughout the business, while helping to educate new employees into it.

E-learning materials have become incredibly popular within the last five years, thanks in part to the way in which the Internet has been adopted across the world. The Internet is still a very young invention, and even though some of us have been working on it for almost ten years now, the vast majority of people have only been working with it for the past few years, which is why adoption of e-learning materials for your business is still an issue that has to be discussed in detail with the powers that be within the company to make sure they all agree it’s a worthwhile investment for their business.

That said, thankfully more businesses are seeing the benefit of e-learning products to educate their employees, as they are coming to realise that the cheaper price of such materials to produce, as well as the ease at which they can be changed and edited if something within the business was to be changed around, can do their company a great benefit. The success of this type of technology in the retail auditing environment has certainly been a helping factor here, as high up company bosses have taken note that these new auditing methods really do result in greater revenue for a company, therefore they’re getting more excited about what these technologies have to offer them in terms of auditing their current learning materials quality so to increase their sales, even further, across the business.

How to Audit E-Learning Producers

When looking for a company to produce the e-learning material for your company you’re going to want to audit all the results you come up against to make sure you get the best company for the job on board.

The most important element of an e-learning product to outsource is the voiceover, as it’s fair to say your in-house team will have a much better idea of what content to put into the material than anybody else ever could, but a professional voiceover service, such as our own, is vital if you want to make the material engaging, easy to follow, and readily accessible to all the employees, young and old, who will be coming through your business.

When looking through all the different e-learning producers out there be sure to ask yourself how each of them is likely to be able to increase your sales. If they are sensible they will include on their websites ways in which they have increased the sales of their previous clients, alongside testimonials from those very clients. If you feel the need to audit your results further, once you’ve made a shortlist you should get in touch with previous clients of your shortlisted e-learning produces to see how they really feel about the work that was done for them.

In essence, looking for e-learning producers and voice over artists to improve upon your current range of learning materials so to drive sales further is the same thing that retailers did in the above mentioned example. Retail audits have never been more beneficial to a retailer than they are now. The way in which technology has evolved the retailing sector, to the point that every £1 spent on an audit results in £3 worth of sales, is exactly the way in which e-learning materials are set to evolve the way in which new employees to your business learn about what your business does, and how they can help to move it forward faster.

When auditing your e-learning shortlist take the following points into consideration so to make sure the evolution of traditional learning materials to e-learning materials in your company is as successful as the retail example:

  • Look for a good voice over artist first: Primarily look towards voice over artists, such as ourselves, that specialise within the e-learning field. The reason to look for a voice over artist at the start is because they will have experience in this field and will be able to look at the work you are planning to have transformed into e-learning material for your company and see if it will translate well to audio. In general, shorter, more concise sentences work best, so if you’re simply moving across paragraph after paragraph from your current material the voice over artist will be able to spot this right away and suggest a better way of doing things so to better engage your employees, and ultimately get the information into their heads more effectively.
  • Learn from the lessons learnt from audits within the retail sector: when technology vastly enhanced retail auditing it didn’t just change the system over from paper to screens, it added a huge amount of ways into which to learn from this data, ways which were previously unavailable. In the same manner, when your company changes your learning material over to an e-learning methods be sure to take advantage of all these things working within this technology brings, rather than simply experiencing the old material on a new medium.
  • Learn from another corporate company who has been there and done that: Gaining a helping hand from a voice over artist, or a retailer, can be a great help, but speaking to a corporate company who has already audited the quality of their learning material can be a hugely beneficial, as they can help you to answer questions along the way that they most likely also had at one point.

In summary, learning to audit the quality of your learning material within your business can increase sales business wide as working with new technologies not only makes the way in which your employees learn and work more efficient, it adds new data points options for your company to consider along the way.