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Lights, Camera, Action! Video Marketing for Your Business

Looking for ways to bring your company to the forefront of your industry? You might want to revamp your marketing campaign or the marketing team itself. By simply posting the right media jobs online, you will easily find people who are better equipped to advertise your brand. But, what if the problem isn't the staff? With their brilliant minds and amazing talents, they probably just need another medium to use. Well, why not throw in video marketing into your existing mix of advertising channels?

Would it even make a difference?

People are highly visual, and they can better relate when watching a video than reading texts. This makes video marketing very effective. Any confusion that clients might have had about your products or services, you can present clearly on short clips or commercials. Study also shows that 64% of people are more likely to buy a product or service after watching a video. So why not capitalise on this instead?

Rather than hire another PR manager, scour through a listing of media jobs for producers, script writers, director, etc.

How do you get started on the production?

Know that there are two ways to create a video — pro or DIY, both of which have their share of advantages and disadvantages.

When you hire a professional videographer, you will have access to excellent skills and state-of-the-art equipment. Your marketing only need to develop a concept, write a script and let the videographer take care of the rest. On the downside, the labour fees will cost you more than DIY.

When you do it yourself, you'll need to put on another hat - as an amateur videographer. You also need to learn about graphics and editing software to create a simple yet effective video. Nothing wrong with this, except that you might not have the time or enough talent to pull this off.

Whichever route you take, one thing a video must have is a call to action. How else will you convince your clients to buy your products or hire the services you're offering?

Of course, for a winning strategy, incorporate voiceovers on the video as well as on other marketing channels, such as podcast, audio books, banner ads with sound, telephone services and the like. This is one way to directly reach out to consumers. Just make sure that you choose voice artists that are appropriate to your brand or the kind of video that you want to create. Finally, don't forget to hire legal firms Dealing with an ATO audit.